Drugged Driving Is Dangerous Driving:
If  You’re  Impaired
Take Your Car Key and Pass It On
Like drunk driving, drugged driving is impaired driving, which means it is dangerous and illegal.
Whether the drug is obtained legally or illegally, driving while drug-impaired poses a threat to the driver, vehicle passengers, and other road users.
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working closely with the LADOS DIVISION 2 Program to spread the word about drug-impaired driving and to remind all drivers:
The bottom line is this: It doesn’t matter what term is used, if a person is high, stoned, wasted, or drunk, he or she is impaired. Driving while impaired by any substance is illegal,
 and can be deadly to the driver and other road users.
If you are impaired by drugs and thinking about driving, Pass your key on to a Sober driver.
        Remember: A DUI is for more than alcohol
    Take your car key and Pass It On.”